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Known For 502AD Sharda Devi Temple

Maihar Temple

Maihar is the ideal weekend getaway, famous for the temple of Sharda Devi, located some 160km from Jabalpur. Maihar city lies in Satna District of State of Madhya Pradesh.

The Sharda temple of Maihar is about 502AD old. Mythology says that when Lord Shiva was in state of deep sorrow and anguish, due to the death of Sati (Wife of Lord Shiva) and was roaming in earth with her dead body on his back. The necklace of Sati fell down in Maihar. And hence it got its name - Maihar which is formed by “Mai” - mother and “har” - necklace. The Maihar Sharda Devi Temple is known for the 1063 steps to the top. In order to promote more visitors here the government has started a rope-way facility to reach top of the Sharda devi temple here.

Other than the Sharda Devi temple, Maihar is also known for famous warrior brothers Alha & Udal, who fought against Rajput ruler Prithvi Raj Chauhan for the ruler of Mahoba. The famous Maihar Gharana holding a prominent place in Indian Classical Music also has its roots here. The legends of Indian Classical Music from Maihar include : Sitarist Pandit Ravi Shankar, Pandit Pannalal Ghosh, Ustad Allauddin Khan etc.

Hence it is advisable that you plan a special trip to the scenic Maihar whenever in Jabalpur. Also while traveling from Khajuraho to Bandhavgarh or vice-versa, one can visit to Maihar temple.

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