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Narmada Valley

Narmada (Also called Rewa) is one of the most sacred river for the Hindus. It is also the fifth largest river in the Indian subcontinent.

The source of the Narmada is a small tank called Narmada Kund located on the Amarkantak hill, some 218km from Jabalpur. The river descends from the Amarkantak hill range at the Kapildhara falls over a cliff and then flowing through the mountains reaches in a narrow loop towards Jabalpur.

Near Jabalpur, after a fall of some (9 m), called the Dhuandhara Falls, it flows for (3 km), in a deep narrow channel through the magnesium limestone and basalt rocks called the Marble Rocks. Thus the beauty of Jabalpur is enhanced by the holy Narmada River. The Narmada valley has given the city many tourist attractions like the :

  • Amarkantak - the place of origin of Narmada.
  • Bargi Dam - one of the major dams on the river.
  • Bheraghat - a beautiful collection of marble rocks surrounding the holy Narmada River.
  • Dhuandhar Falls - a picturesque waterfall lying close to Bheraghat.

The Narmada valley has also given Jabalpur more fertile and productive soil, helped in the two major irrigation projects and helped produce hydropower.

Thus the Narmada has blessed the city of Jabalpur with fertile soil, tourists and religious spots. The river has added to the natural beauty and boom of the city manifolds.

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